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Social Media Advertising

Be Right In Front of A Motivated Target Audience

Facebook…Twitter…LinkedIn…Pinterest…Instagram…SnapChat…you’ve probably heard of all of these social media sites but might not know exactly how they can help you grow your business. That’s where we come in!

Social Media Professionals

Why Work With A Pro

It’s no secret that most people are on social media (Getting closer to 100% every year), which means a lot of people in your target audience can be reached through social media! There are some incredible ways to target your ads on social media specifically to your audience. For instance, did you know that you can target your ads to demographics as specific as if the person is married? Unfortunately, most business owners don’t know that these tools exist! The professionals at Larchwood Marketing know that they exist and have developed successful strategies for many clients across a wide range of industries.

Many Social Media Options

Which Platform Is Best For Your Business?

Larchwood Marketing can help you decide this by analyzing your target audience. Our professionals have a great grasp on where your demographic spends most of their time and how to target them effectively. Each platform has a different demographic of users. In some cases, only one platform is effective and in other cases many platforms are effective but each strategy on each platform needs to be different.

The key TO Social Media is being Social

Why Social Media is More Than Posting

Many businesses are under the impression that if they take a picture in their store and post it once per day that they are effectively utilizing social media. However, it is necessary to be social when utilizing the medium for marketing purposes. Businesses need someone to monitor the posts, engage with comments, find pertinent places to share your content, use hashtags in the posts, and more.