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Content is King

Google Loves Blogs

When deciding which site ranks the highest in search results, one of the most significant factors Google considers is whether or not the site is growing in size by providing new, high quality content on their site. A blog is the best way to do this. We have professional writers on staff to provide great content to your target audience that is both interesting and high quality in the eyes of Google.

Blogging Works For Many Types of Businesses

Your Company is A Fit

We hear all too often that “Blogging Doesn’t Make Sense for My Company”. However, we generally strongly disagree. While their may not be people that are looking for blogs about your type of service, Google is always looking at your site to make sure you are creating new content. Also, you never know who may be looking for more information about your type of service!

Save Time – Use A Pro

Why Hire A Pro

While many business owners think that they will have the time to blog, the project often gets tabled for later. Some of our most successful clients have a new blog posted every other day on their site and this type of project takes a lot of commitment. Hire a pro that knows what keywords people are searching for, what type of technical structure Google wants to see, and how to connect to your target audience. Most importantly, you’ll have more time to work on running your business and not blogging!