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Our Web Design Process

  • We identify and purchase the best domain for your business.
  • Our hosting is provided directly through nationally recognized third-party companies, without an additional markup from Larchwood Marketing.
  • As a baseline, each client receives three different custom-design markups from which to choose. Then, our designs are further tailored to meet your tastes and preferences.
  • We use an interactive design process to ensure the client is heavily involved in all aspects of the design, in order to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Although other Web designers may limit the amount of content you can include without incurring additional charges, we offer unlimited content, which can be either provided by the client or created by Larchwood Marketing.
  • As part of our standard practice, we provide training on maintaining your Web site, which eliminates ongoing maintenance fees.
  • With Larchwood Marketing, you always own your Web site and all related content; we will never hold you hostage to remain with us. You are in control, and we earn your business through the quality of our service, not by holding you captive.

Give a great first impression

Importance of Website

Your website is one of the most important elements of your company in today’s business world. It’s crucial to have a site that makes your company look reputable and consistently works.

In today’s business world, a consumer’s first impression of your company is your website. It is crucial to have a good first impression.  Especially if you consider how many other options from competitors are available to today’s consumer. Your website should be considered one of your company’s most important investments.

Work With A Pro

Pro vs Amateur

Professional Web Designers dedicate their time and energy to designing a unique site professionally and effectively. Amateurs that don’t design websites on a full time basis tend to take longer, use canned templates, and aren’t up to date with the latest browser updates.

Our professional team will ensure that you get a site you absolutely love at the end of the process. In addition, we’ll make sure your site looks great on all devices. There are many variations of screen sizes your site will be viewed on. Do you know if yours currently looks great on all devices?