Post an Update, Offer, and/or Event to Your Google My Business Location

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We’d like to help business owners by letting them know about simple marketing tasks they can easily complete in less than 5 minutes. This month, we will show you how to post an update to your Google My Business location. Let’s get started!

1. Sign into the Gmail account you use to manage your Google My Business location. See our previous post if you aren’t sure which Gmail account you need to use or if you haven’t claimed your location yet.

2. Search for your business on Google.

3. If you’re logged into the correct account and have claimed your location, you should see the options below in the search results. If you don’t see the “Add update” option, you need to click on the arrow first.

We recommend completing this on a desktop/laptop, but it can also be done on mobile. This is because it is quicker on desktop/laptop and, in some cases, you can’t include an image with the update on mobile. Using an image is not required, but it will make your update much more visible.

4. After clicking “Add Update”, the box below will appear. Select the option you’d like to promote and fill out the following form. You can choose to “preview” the post to see how it will appear on your Google location or click “post” to add it to your location.

Importance of Posting Updates, Offers, and/or Events to your Google Location

One of the main benefits of completing this task regularly is that it can improve the visibility of your location. First, there’s evidence that it is one of the many factors Google considers when choosing where a location should rank. In addition, it makes your location stand out when people are considering you or other competitors that don’t have any updates.

This feature should especially be used by any business that provides offers to their customers. For instance, if you offer 20% off over Memorial Day weekend, you can schedule this offer’s start and end date so that it is only active during that time period. You can even schedule offers throughout the year, so it shows as active whenever the offer is available.

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