Facebook has reinvented its Events app as Facebook Local. While the former Events app was designed specifically to target Google Calendar’s consumer base, Facebook Local wants to be a one stop shop for your local search needs. Facebook Local, which is available on Android and iOS keeps most of the Events app’s features. This means you can still RSVP to events in your area. However, the new app is capable of much more.

Facebook Local also allows users to discover new restaurants and other local businesses in their town or any city they plant to visit. In order to use the app, users have to login with their Facebook account. However, they do not have to let Facebook track their location. Even if a user opts not to give Facebook access to their locations, a user must enter a location when using the app. If a user chooses to enable Facebook’s tracking of their location, that person will receive recommendations based on their current one.

Another feature frequent Facebook users will appreciate is that they can see what their friends are up to and share their events with their friends. While many people already do this via their posts, their plans are only seen by those friends who check their wall or happen to see the post in their news feed. By using Facebook Local, users get recommendations based on what their friends are doing.

While Facebook’s trying to win over Google Calendar and Yelp users with Local, it’s highly unlikely much will come of it because users are already conditioned to using the other services. However, that doesn’t mean businesses should ignore Facebook local. If anything, it should give you more incentive to make your events, sales, and new product launches Facebook official by posting them as Events and not just a status update.