Recently, Facebook added stories for pages. It’s obvious this is Facebook’s blatant attempt to copy a Snapchat feature, which the company had already successfully stolen with Instagram’s stories. Facebook has had much less success with the feature on its own site.

Stories are available to the users’ friends and followers for 24 hours and are made up of all the short video clips a person posts in a day. In January, Stories launched solely to individuals.

Unfortunately for Facebook, its userbase mostly ignored it because Instagram and Snapchat already did the same thing. Since then, Facebook is trying to save Facebook stories by allowing Instagram users to link their accounts together and share stories on both platforms. That hasn’t worked out quite the way Facebook wanted it either, so the company has gotten desperate.

Last month, Facebook finally opened stories to companies in the hopes it gives the floundering feature a boost. This doesn’t seem likely. On a good day, I only see one story in my feed. It’s always the same page. Based on an informal internet poll, my experience seems to be the norm, which doesn’t bode well for Facebook.

Unless Facebook makes a drastic change that makes users want to create Stories, it’s best to ignore them and dedicate your time and energy elsewhere. If you’re already making Stories on Instagram, give Facebook permission to post the Story there as well. It can’t hurt. You’re already doing the work anyway. Otherwise, don’t bother with a Facebook feature no one uses and has an interest in using.

It’s entirely possible Facebook will save the sinking ship that is Stories, but I wouldn’t put money on it. At this point, Facebook is trying to keep people on its social media platform as much as possible and is outright stealing ideas from other companies out of desperation. It’s not working because Facebook isn’t bringing anything new to the table to entice people to change their social media habits.