Google wants everyone to make the switch to the new AdWords experience. With custom intent audiences, Google may have found a feature that will entice more digital marketers to make the leap.

Custom intent audiences are used on the Google Display Network, which matches ads to websites frequented by a company’s targeted audience. Previously, companies placing ads with Google could target potential customers using affinity audiences, custom affinity audiences, life events, and in-market audiences.

For those unfamiliar with those options, here is a brief description of each.

Affinity Audiences are used when you want to reach a broad category. If you have a website for recipes or offer cooking courses, you would want to target people who are interested in cooking.

Custom Affinity Audiences allow you to tailor an affinity audience to a desired demographic that is included in the general affinity audience. Instead of targeting people who are interested in cooking, you might want to target those who need help in the kitchen for your cooking classes and beginner recipes. Google lets you use keywords and URLs to give AdWords an idea of who your ideal customer is.

Life events are self-explanatory. You can target anyone with a major life change. Maybe your cooking classes and easy recipes are exactly what college students away from home for the first time need. You can target them using this.

In-market audiences would target those who are already actively considering products like yours. The customer already knows that they want the type of products you offer. They just don’t know where they are purchasing their desired product or service from yet.

Custom Intent audiences are different because they allow you to get more specific. They let you mix and match topics, so that you can reach the ideal customer. In some ways, this is a mix of custom affinity audiences and in-market audiences. You can enter keywords, URLs, and other content that would interest your target audience and reach those already intent on buying what you sell. Google also has auto-created custom intent audiences, which use machine learning to help you reach the right audience.

While custom intent audiences have only been around for few months, anything that enables you to target more specific interests tend to be a good thing as long as you don’t target a group that is so narrow very few people are a part of it.