There is much more to Facebook than creating a business page and forgetting about it. You can promote an empty page all you want, be it in store or online through Facebook ads. However, you will never get anywhere without frequently updating it and letting your followers know you are listening to them.

When you make a Facebook page or start posting regularly on a current one, it’s important to remember that Facebook isn’t a virtual store front for you to clutter the walls with ads for every product you sell. Your likers had to decide to follow you. It doesn’t matter why they decided to follow you. You may have bribed them with a coupon or a contest exclusive to Facebook, but if you don’t continue providing content relevant to the people who like your page, especially if they feel like you’re spamming their newsfeed, they will leave in droves.

In some ways, the real questions may be: Once people have liked your page, how do you keep them interested? There’s no magic trick or insider secret. While you may see the occasional mind-blowingly creative ad or post, most companies aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel on a day to day basis because they don’t need to as long as they are engaging fans in the right way. To engage fans, create polls and other posts they can interact with. Don’t overthink this. For example, a pizza place might ask their fans, “Which topping is better: pepperoni or sausage?” or a shoe company may do a Freebie Friday where they giveaway a pair of shoes to one lucky fan.

Regardless of how you decide to engage fans, the important thing is that you do so. Social media may seem impersonal due to the fact everyone constantly looks at their phone and that it can be when done incorrectly, but it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be. Pay attention to your followers and you will reap the benefits.