Having a useful website isn’t enough for Google to rank your site high in their search results. For Google to recognize that your site provides quality content audiences care about, your business needs to cultivate relationships with bloggers and other sites that can expose your brand to a wider audience.

By receiving inbound links, you are achieving to goals at the same time: reaching more people and making Google happy. Let’s elaborate on those thoughts.

First, reaching a wide variety of people sounds ideal. However, it may not be. You want to find people who will purchase or become interested in your product and cultivate a large group of people passionate about your product, who will share your content. This is the reason Toyota doesn’t advertise on Nickelodeon’s website or ask blogs targeting kids to review its products. Kids aren’t Toyota’s target audience and aren’t sharing information on Toyota’s products. Instead, Toyota will focus its efforts on finding sites that are a good match. For example, Toyota may reach out to a truck enthusiast website asking for a blogger to review the newest Tacoma model.

Be cognizant of what you are sending. Your page needs to be relevant to the website, blogger, or social media influencer you are reaching out to. Otherwise, you will end up in the spam folder or blocked in the future. Website managers and bloggers are busy people, who must maintain their reputations and sort through hundreds of other emails that look like yours. Make sure the email is personalized. Compliment a particular post or demonstrate that you’ve been a fan for a long time. Focus on making a connection to the person behind the keyboard. It’s the only way to get the person responsible for a website to respond positively to your company and share your links.

Now that you’ve cultivated a meaningful relationship with a few sites relevant to your industry, it’s time to check Google’s happiness level with your website. As long as everything is legitimate, these links from other websites will improve your rank and help Google find your page. The more high-quality websites that link to your page, the higher up your website will be in Google’s search listing. You will also see an increase in traffic from both Google and those websites you have a working relationship with.