One overlooked factor in effectively reaching your target audience is the type of device they use. While ensuring your business has a website that works on all screen sizes and devices is great, that’s not the only reason to be concerned with the device type. A device type should be considered when first trying to get traffic to your website!


How People Reach Your Site

Most business owners want more people to visit their website. To accomplish this, a strong SEO strategy is necessary. However, do you know which search engine you should be targeting? Don’t be so quick to say Google! One of the first things we look at when analyzing a business’ target audience is age and profession. Why do we do this? It’s because we need to consider the default search engine on the most popular web browsers.

The Impact of Default Settings

Did you know that about 75% of people use Microsoft computers? Did you know that all new Microsoft computers come with only one browser, and that browser is set to only use Bing? Because most business owners don’t realize this, they ignore Bing. Yes, the number 1 search term in Bing every year is indeed “Google”, but that shouldn’t mean that Bing shouldn’t be considered at all. In fact, Bing looks similar to Google, so people don’t have the urge to change the settings right away.

Why Age and Profession Matters

These demographics matter because they play a role in whether an individual is likely using the default search engine on their browser. Younger people and people in technical professions tend to change the default browser and search engine on their computer because they know how to. In contrast, individuals outside of those categories tend to use the default search engine on their computer.

Either Way, Don’t Ignore Google

If you think your target audience isn’t tech-savvy enough to change the settings, then you should consider Bing. However, this doesn’t mean to ignore Google. While it’s important to consider Bing, it should still be acknowledged that Google still holds an over 90% share of the global search market. Bing comes in second, with less than 3%.


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