While it is practically mandatory for a business to have a website these days, many businesses don’t think to start a blog. You may initially feel that a blog is unnecessary. However, that’s far from the case. A blog provides a company with a way to increase the amount of relevant content on its website, which can greatly improve a businesses SEO results.

When starting and maintaining a blog, there are several things you need to consider.

Update Frequently to Keep Content Fresh

It is not enough to simply update it occasionally. To stay relevant, the blog needs to be updated frequently. There’s no magic number as to how many posts you should have each month. If you can realistically post every day, that’s great. Most people can’t. Once or twice a week is often enough to keep your content fresh.

Make Sure the Blog is Relevant to the Business

Before you create a blog, make sure you know what kind of content will be published on it. It should be relevant to your industry and something your intended audience wants to read. If the blog has irrelevant content about your daughter’s birthday and the family’s trip to Disney World, it won’t be helpful in your quest to improve your company’s SEO rankings. Save the family updates for your personal blog or your Facebook page where people are much more likely to be interested in it.

Write with a Target Audience in Mind

Not only should you make sure your content is relevant to what you are selling, but you should also write with a segment of your audience in mind. For example, if you own a supermarket, everyone is a potential customer, so you have plenty of leeway with topics. However, you are doing your blog readers a disservice if you are trying to reach everyone with a blog post.

Instead of trying to capture everyone’s attention, focus on one piece of the audience. Is it back to school time? A supermarket might want to post a blog about quick and easy dorm room recipes to target college students and another one for working parents juggling their jobs with all their children’s activities. While working parents may find the college student recipes helpful, a college student probably won’t be able to do much with the recipes geared toward parents because college students often don’t have access to the same cooking tools.

Share Posts on Social Media

Writing a blog may help search engine users find you easier, but it also allows you to share content with your loyal social media following and keep them engaged.

Once you get your company’s blog going, you will start to see results both in SEO rankings and in engagement from your followers.