Is your site having trouble ranking well or converting web traffic? A likely culprit is that your site is taking too long to load. Here are a few reasons why your site speed could be affecting the success of your website.


SEO – Google Monitors A Searcher’s Interaction With Your Site

While Google considers many factors to determine where websites should rank, site speed is among the most influential. To understand why, you have to look at the product Google offers…the best search results possible. So, if your site is slow and people are leaving to go back to the search results before it even loads, then Google will recognize that as a negative interaction. Google wants people to find websites that their searchers stay on for a while. This metric shows they got the person to the right site. If your website is fast, then Google will certainly take notice and move you up the rankings.

Lead Conversion – User Experience/Navigation

If someone does wait for your site to load its home page, they may not want to keep waiting for every page on your site to load. Especially in today’s instant gratification society, waiting for more than just a few seconds is too long for searchers. As a result, most people will inevitably have a lousy experience navigating your site and have a negative association with your brand/business. This type of experience with the site will undoubtedly reduce the number of leads it generates for you. Have a fast website to do the exact opposite and give people a reason to associate with your company positively.


If you’re struggling with a slow website and not sure where to turn, contact a professional! We offer free consultations if you are interested in talking about ways you can improve the speed on your own and ways for us to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!